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he Act covers things like:

Under the DDA, your employer has a duty to make 'reasonable adjustments' to make sure you're not put at a substantial disadvantage by employment arrangements or any physical feature of the workplace.

Examples of the sort of adjustments your employer should consider, in consultation with you, include:

You can play an active role in discussing these arrangements with your employer. You might also want to encourage your employer to speak to someone with expertise in providing work-related help for disabled people.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, which has replaced the Disability Rights Commission, provides guidance and advice for you and your employer about the DDA and what adjustments might be reasonable. Issues for you both to consider include:

how effective will an adjustment be?
will it mean that your disability is slightly less of a disadvantage or will it significantly reduce the disadvantage?
is it practical?
will it cause much disruption?
will it help other people in the workplace?
is the cost prohibitive?

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