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What’s a hot desk?

A hot desk doesn’t mean it’s going to burn you if you touch it. And it doesn’t mean it’s off the back of a lorry either. It is simply a method of using space more efficiently. The general theory and practice of hot desking is that if you have perhaps 10 staff who are mainly off site – perhaps sales staff or surveyors – they are not in the office all of the time – and not at the same time either. Therefore it makes sense to have perhaps 6 desks that are shared between the staff, and only used by each person as and when they need it. This is normally backed up by each staff member having a personal space such as a pedestal drawer unit, or a cupboard of their own. This allows staff to feel that they do still have a ‘base’ to leave their personal effects, but a business is not wasting money and space by having a desk that is empty 70% of the time. When a staff members comes into the office, they can often pull their pedestal (often with special handles and stored in a bank of pedestals) to a free desk and everything they have is there for them. Each desk is equipped with telephone, data point or WiFi connection so they can use their laptop and work away as with any permanent desk.


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