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What is cable management?

Cable management for office desks, and desking in particular is available in a wide variety of forms. Most have a form of containment which runs the width of the desk on the underside, and often allows cables to be separated form each other whilst remaining tidy. The main purpose of cable management is to keep the cables out of harms way – so people don’t trip, get electrocuted or damage either the cables or the equipment they are attached to. Because many offices have sunken electrical floor boxes, it is necessary to be able to run cables up to the desk surface height tidily and safely. This is where ‘leg risers are often used. These either attach to the leg of the desk, or run up an integral part of the leg to get to the desk surface. The cables are then ‘poked’ through the cable port to be plugged into the PC or other equipment. Some desks have a sliding top system, where the whole desktop is fitted on a lockable sliding runner. This allows the top surface to be slid towards the user and expose the cable tray at the rear underside of the desk. The advantage to this is that you can install new cabling, or connect PC’s without having to crawl under the desk. It’s also very quick to do, so saves valuable time for IT teams to get up and running. These are commonly used on bench systems.


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