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Office Pods

Office Pods

Acoustic pods for open plan areas

A common problem in many office buildings is the acoustics and noise levels. Particularly within open plan offices. This means there is often a need to create more secluded spaces for quiet breakout areas, individual working zones, and meeting areas. 

How to Make the Most of Your Office Space

Office pods are a fantastic solution for creating a separate space for meetings and private working within an open plan office. Office pods are available in a wide range of sizes and styles that suit any office layout. They provide a cost-effective, flexible, and less disruptive solution than partitioning. This is because office pods allow your workplace to be transformed into a quieter, more productive space without losing the overall layout of an open-plan office.

When researching which office pod is right for your business carefully consider how your company would use them. Will they be office meeting pods or office booths? Will they be used for collaborative work or individual work? How much sound insulation do you need? Consider these factors and discuss them with our team to ensure you find the right office booth for you and your business.

Office Pod Range

Some office pods can create another room within your office without the need for partitions. It all depends on what you choose for your business. Office pods are available in a variety of shapes including circular, hexagonal, and square, with integrated doors and ceilings optional. This means they can be used for a wide range of different functions including meetings and as a private working space. An internal office pod could be made of glazed partitioning or upholstered panels, to create a bright and stylish space without compromising your office’s natural light. Some office pods also have airflow systems to ensure your office has a continuous flow of clean air.

Upholstered panels are particularly effective at reducing noise by absorbing sound. We also have office pods with integrated lighting and power for ease of use and productivity. You could even incorporate items like whiteboard walls or decorative panelling into your office pods to make them even more functional or aesthetically pleasing. One way you can make your office booths stand out is by adding bright and contrasting colours.

At Verve Workspace, we have a number of meeting pod options to choose from with varying levels of privacy. We have high-backed upholstered seating pods that can incorporate power sockets and a meeting table. A lower backed meeting pod can be a more welcoming addition to your office. These soft-seat meeting pods are available in a wide range of fabrics to suit your style tastes.

At Verve Workspace, we offer a variety of office pods including a hot desk pod and office booth. These are great options if you are looking for ways to create private spaces within your open plan office. We offer both a single pod and a cluster of desks with privacy screening. Some of our hot desking pods have adjustable heights, so they can be used as seated desks and standing desks.

If you are interested in our office pods or any of our other services give us a call now on.

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