Meet the team

An enthusiastic, friendly and helpful team makes all the difference when working together on a project.

The whole team at Verve is about positivity, and having a 'can do' attitude. We go above and beyond to make things work properly - and we want to exceed our clients expectations. It's also important that you know a little more about the people you'll be dealing with - and a bit about their personality. After all, we're all human beings and there's more to us than just being furniture experts. So here's a little more detail about the team...

  • Steve Allan

    Steve Allan - Managing Director

    Tel: 01604 217 879


    Steve started the company back in 2004, after working with some of the most prominent names in the industry. Steve started in the office products industry in 1992, and has spent nearly 30 years learning his way round.

    He started the company because he loves furniture and interior design, but felt that overall things could be improved for the customer. We rebranded in 2008 to Verve Workspace to reflect the overall services we offer. Steve is passionate about furniture and making sure our customers get the right advice as well as service levels that will delight.

    Steve was born in Glasgow and is married with three young daughters. Having lived most of his life in London, he moved to Northamptonshire for some fresh air and countryside. He is a huge car fan, and enjoys organising road trips and cleaning his car. He loves films and music and was a successful London DJ in the early to late 1990’s performing for TV companies and celebrity parties, private functions, nightclubs and even royal family events. He even owned a nightclub for a while, fulfilling a personal dream.

    Steve is also known for his bad jokes, and the ability to remember them at the most inappropriate moments. He denies that he looks like a taller Ricky Gervais (or did when he was younger and had some hair anyway).

  • Ben Johnstone

    Ben Johnstone - Sales Manager - Furniture and Interiors

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Ben joined the Verve team in 2020, and has already made his mark. Ben has shown himself to be the consummate professional, whilst also being great fun. He has embraced our method of a low pressure approach easily - and he is very thorough in his appraoch. Friendly, funny and positive - he's well liked by everyone. Thankfully, Ben also shares the sense of humour we value in our team - which is just as well. Ben is a proud father, and loves cars and movies too.

  • Lewis Godbolt

    Lewis Godbolt - Sales Executive - Furniture and Interiors

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Lewis joined Verve in 2012 and really has made himself a valuable part of the team. Lewis assures us he is a humble and quiet young man, who brightens up our office with a flawless combination of both razor sharp wit and a touch of sincerity that is rarely found amongst the 'youth' of today. We're not sure about this - however, we have found him to be a funny, modest and extremely likeable guy - and our customers seem to agree.

    Lewis is very consciencious, positive and helpful, and his 'can do' attitude has been received well by our customers. Lewis works particularly on the Ecommerce side of Verve, and enjoys talking to our customers on the phone, on our livechat - or even when they come to the office in person.

    Despite once resembling a member of the pop group 'One Direction' (which we try not to hold against him) - he is tone deaf - much like the band. Lewis likes to demonstrate this fact by singing in the office - which in all fairness is a welcome break to his joke telling. Which is awful. And I mean really bad.

    He is always keen to help, and goes the extra mile for everyone - a valued member of the Verve team, and very popular with customers and colleagues alike.

  • Peter Malin

    Peter Malin - Sales Executive - Furniture and Interiors

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Peter joined the Verve team in 2022, and joins with a wealth of experience in Office furniture and office interiors- Over 25 years experience delivering projects for commercial interiors from planning through to completion. Helping and advising clients the best way to create the perfect working environment for their staff ensuring that their offices offer efficient layout for both staff and visitors.

  • Jeanette Hallsworth

    Jeanette Hallsworth - Sales Executive

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Jeanette was thrilled to have joined Verve as she has a real passion for interiors. Having renovated her new home, making decisions on styles, colours, and brands made her feel right at home! Jeanettes little Dachshund Cleo takes up some spare time, when not out and about with her, she enjoys relaxing with a good book or cooking for friends - there are definitely two sides to our Jeanette one is a quiet book mouse and the other loves to socialise.

  • Naomi Holmes

    Naomi Holmes - Operations Manager

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Naomi joined the Verve team in our Northampton office in 2015, and is a valuable member of the team. Her attention to detail, and making sure that everyone has all the information they need helps everything run smoothly. Naomi is also an experienced space planner, and she enjoys putting her creative flair onto our client designs.

    Naomi denies it - but she has her own 'Paddington Bear' version of his 'Hard Stare' - which is both amusing, and terrifying. But seriously, Naomi is lovely - and well liked by customers and colleagues.

    Outside of work, Naomi loves driving around and enjoys socialising and spending time with her family.

  • Sam Mobley

    Sam Mobley - Customer Support

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Sam joined the Verve team in 2022, and brings with him a sense of humour that meant he fitted in instantly. Sam is a huge Saints Rugby fan – including having a saints tattoo, and being a season ticket holder as well as travelling abroad to watch them play, he tries to not miss any game home or away. We think that counts him as a dedicated fan. He’s also a big Baseball fan following the Houston Astros. When not watching Rugby or Baseball he likes to travel. He’s incredibly organised, and creates a mean excel spreadsheet in every colour imaginable.

  • Image Coming Soon

    Gayle Law - Credit Controller

    Tel: 01604 217879


    Gayle joined the team in early 2013, and is responsible for the credit control processes within the office and makes sure that invoices are being paid on time! She really has an eye for detail and is very methodical, making her a valued addition to the team. Gayle is friendly, hard-working, and always goes the extra mile to help our customers.

    Gayle loves the theatre and enjoys going to see shows, shopping and spending time with her two children

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