Dilapidation Works

The end of time at a building doesn't have to be a stress, and we can help you avoid penalties from your landlord.

Unlike with resdiential leases - with a commercial agreement at the end of a lease, it is usually the tenants responsibility to return the property to its original condition when rented. Depending on your rental agreement, you would usually have to:

  • You are likely to have to remove any partition walls, rooms or interior works you had carried out since you moved in. Even if they improve the building - the landlord may demand the original floorplan.
  • You could also be responsible for replacing the carpets and flooring, or at least having them cleaned.
  • Restpration ot redecorating entirely so that the interior is as new as when you took the building.
  • You may even have to deal with building structural works such as roof repairs, or repairing or replacing warehouse floors.

Unlike residential rental agreements – business leases are typically for a much longer term, and the tenant is responsible for all property maintenance.

We can help in this area too. Initially, we have to have an understanding of the expectations of the landlord and the lease details. This is usually via the managing agent – and this can sometimes end in a negotiation of a middle ground. If the initial works are to a high standard, and could be universally appealing to the next tenant- the landlord may agree to just redecoration and carpets for a reduced deposit etc - if you're very lucky.

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